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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  January 3, 2014 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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it's picking up 25 on the day so far right now. i'm harris faulkner in today for shepard smith. see you for fox report weekend saturday and sunday, 7:00 p.m. eastern. in seven seconds "your world" with neil cavuto. >> snowed in. folks in the northeast tigging out from up 20 two feet of snow as frigid temperatures sink in, and for air travelers stranded by the winter blast, it's anything but a blast. >> can i'm charles payne in for neil cavuto and this is "your world." 24.3 inches. that's how much snow fell on boxford, massachusetts. minus 52, that's the wind chill in fort kent, maine. and 15 minutes. that's how long it takes for your skin to freeze in this kind of weather. even if you are not caught in it, well, you're feeling the effects of it and we are all over it. we have jonathan in jackson
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airport in atlanta as flight delays and cancellations pile up across the country. meteorologist janice dean on what be a second arctic blast on the way, and phil flynn in chicago on the impact this is having on your wallet. jonathan? >> reporter: the skis over atlanta are kris school clear, and yet the weather problems up north are creating ripple effects sim-wide. air travel is an interrelated system. let's look at the latest statistics from flight aware. there have been more than 4600 flight delays nationwide so far today, and more than 2800 cancellations so far. now, while many of these delays are taking place in major northern cities that are experiencing the foul weather firsthand.
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airports in places such as new york, philosophy, boston, chicago, washington, delaying flights to and from airports all over the country, including atlanta's hearts feel jackson international, the world's busiest passenger airport. we met a family who thought they we about clear, flying between two sunny locations but found themselves with an extended layover in atlanta. >> we're going home to san diego from florida, thinking we were good to good because we're traveling from warm weather to warm weather. got to atlanta and found out our stewardess was stuck on a chicago flight and we were ultimately delayed and delayed until they finally cancelled us last night. >> we met them in the airport atrium where stranded passengers congregate. there's a large group of stuns waiting for their plane that it stabbed in another airport because of the weather.
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>> two words, direct flight. thousands of flights either disease laid or carn selled, and the frustration growing. many people being told it could take days before they take off. dan baker traffics these things. a ceo of flight and joins us by phone. dan, we heard one horror story of a family who didn't understand how they can go from one sunny location to another and now they're stuck. >> yes. >> we have a little bit of a delay. dan. >> yes. >> hi. we're talking about these -- the flight delays that keep mounting and mounting and doesn't feel like you can escape them anywhere in the country. >> that's right. when these weather systems come they impact airports, chicago, o'hare, today, from d.c. up to new england, you're impacting huge hubs for very large airlines, american airlines in chicago, united as well. on the east coast, united has
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really large hubs in washington's dulles airport and newark. so it's really hard for the airlines to try to minimize the impact on travelers when it's hitting their largest hubs and sometimes multiple hubs. so people are feeling the impact of this coast to coast. the impact is worse for the folks trying to fly in and out of new york city today. >> i fly in and out all the time and it's nightmare even when the weather is perfect. is there something the airlines can do? i guess gets down to money. we understand just from right before you came on, a family that is stranded between warm weather flights because a stewardess was stuck in a cold weather area? isn't there something that can be done in this is getting tiresome. >> it is and it's tough in the winter, particularly given how frequent these storms are and how broad they and are unpredictable. the things that airlines try to do to prevent these problems is to issue cancellations ahead of time, and certainly in the last couple of years we have seen that a whole lot more, where
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perhaps a day or so prior to a storm, they start canceling large numbers of flight so is they can gets the airplanes and the crews where they need to be and that way there isn't any surprises when the weather hits. that also allows passengers to make other plans and take care of their travel, a. -- arrangements before they get to the airport. it used to be you showed up at the airport and find out your flight is cancelled. now you can find out the day before. >> a step in the right direction but a lot of people spending the night at airways. thank you, dan. >> the cold snap, smashing all kinds of records in wisconsin. minus 18 in green bay. we're not even talking with wind chills. to meteorologist janice dean on how long the deep freeze is going to last. >> we have another mass of arctic air moving in and bringing us even colder temperatures. this could be historic cold.
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so we say goodbye to one storm but we're watching another that is developing across the northern tier. going to bring snow and ice as well as rain across the east coast. so, let's take a look at it right now. we're starting to see the beginning effect of this storm. we have blizzard warnings in effect for the dakotas, minnesota, and then this storm will move south and east. we could see snow as far south as memphis, tennessee. that's how cold the air will get and how southward it's going to move. then it's going to be mainly a rain even for the east coast. we'll get a little boost of warm air. that is not going to be long-lived because the deep freeze is coming shortly after that. so there's your forecast precipitation. several inches of snow. mainly a rain event. we're going up into the 30s and 40s along the east coast, and then another shot of arctic air. these are overnight lows. these are not wind chills.
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minus 29 in international falls. chicago, minus 17. green bay, minus 20, 18. they could have one of the coldest nfl games on sunday in green bay with a temperature of around minus five at gametime. >> a whole new definition to frozen tundra. thank you a lot. now to molly line in quincy, massachusetts, where at last check it was balmy 12 degrees. >> reporter: we're just a little bit south of the city of boston, and the sun is beginning to set and it is frigidly, bitterly cold. but that cold does offer a few little bonuses. the snow will be really fluffy so it's easier for folks clearing things. it fluffs up and disappears, but it creates a situation where there's a lot of drifting. these are the steps steps of the universal church at the center of town and all depend, when it drifts like this it can be tough
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special he when you're driving, creating visible issues. and the truth is the temperatures are going to drop tonight. they're in the teens right now. it's pretty cold. could get down to negative one in this area. so, another cold night ahead for folks. on the bright side, there haven't been a lot of power outages. but there have been some coastal flooding issues, and that icy water really clings to the roads and the buildings, and these cold temperatures means it will be tough to clear up today. we have a warmup coming, so hopefully that will help a little bit. >> before i let you go. there is some flooding going on as well? >> there has been some coastal flooding along the low-lying areas. in quincy they had -- they're on the ocean and there were some low-lying roads that flooded here. these areas sometimes see coastal flooding. nothing severe, buffet can cause problems when its sticks to the roadways and temperatures this
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cold, creates some issues. they called out the national guard to stand by and be ready to help if eye vac situations are needed -- evacuations are needed. so thankfully minored inning issues. >> you stay safe. as the temperatures good down, those heating cost goes up a lot, and it doesn't really bundle very well. phil flynn, you're the money guy. you connect the dots on weather and money, this is it a snowstorm and a winter for the ages. >> it is. it's going to be sticker shock when they open up their heating bills. the last couple of years, we have seen natural gas prices actually go down, people that heated their homes natural gas were used to lower prices. better not get used to it. we could see one of the most significant price increases we have seen in natural gas since probably 2005. already this winter is shattering records. we're seeing demand for natural
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gas hit all-time highs and people have been lulled to sleep in the market because of record productions. but when you have temperatures like this is impacts the supply side, and you're not off the hook. if your heating your house with propane or heating oil, all the prices are going up, and as long as the weather is cold, we could see prices in your heating bill go up very easily 20 to 25% all because of this record cold. >> i think we should also point out, a lot of people don't realize that electricity prices already at record highs. you couple that with the price of heating a home if it's a different source and this could be ann expensive winter. >> absolutely. it's a double whammy wren you look at electricity. power plants are moving to natural gas. that means your electric bills are influenced by the weather, unlike they have been in the past. so, you're going to see a lot more influence. when you get cold weather, it
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drives up your heating bill, your electricity costs could go up as well. all in the pain of changing the energy mixing as me move forwar. the good news is prices are not near their record highs and probably won't get there. but if you have been used to paying these low bills, you better save a few extra pennies the next few weeks. >> phil you have on the right coat but we want you to get inside. thank you very much. >> new signs obamacare's employer mandate is kicking jobs right now. want people to pipe down on your flight? just pony up. [ male announcer ] nearly 7 million clients. how did edward jones get so big? t me just put this away. ♪ could you teach our kids that trick? [ male announcer ] by not acting that way. it's how edward jones makes sense of investing.
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>> looking for a new job in the new year? hopefully you're okay with parttime work. a new survey shows that more than 40% of companies will be hiring temporary or contract workers, this as the obamacare
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employer mandate looms. kate, this anew reality. right? >> just may very well be. the employer mandate doesn't kick in until 2015. it was delayed a year. a colorful move because the individual mandate was not. >> that means the penalties -- employers don't have to pay penalties but individuals watching the show, if they don't get insurance soon, they have to pay a penalty. >> but for the employers watching the show, they have until 2015 if they're at 50 or more fulltime workers, they have to off aer them insurance or they'll pay a penalty of $200 per worker per year. >> here's the problem. only been delayed a year and maybe employers are not taking the bait. >> this career builder survey shows employers are scared. 42% said they would be hiring temp or contract workers and only 25% said they'd be hiring fulltime workers, and that fullike worker category dropped
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from 50% from the same time last year. a big drop. >> this seems more pervasive amongst smaller employers. >> yes. only 20% of smaller employers said they would be bringing on fulltime workers and that was compared to small employers with 50 or more workers would hire at a quicker pace because they're already above the threshhole so their health care decisions are not a crucial appoint for them. >> you have 53 employees right now, you're going bring -- these are fulltime employees, you make -- going to bring some of them to parttime work, just to avoid the draconian penalties and expenses of obamacare. >> the other thing too, business owners are opting to pay the penalty because it's cheaper than offering care for the workers. >> i got to tell you, there's no relief from this thing. i'm glad you're all over it. have a great week. guys, remember this? >> if we are increasing prevention, if we are increasing
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wellness programs, we're reducing the amount of emergency room care. >> okay. and then this just last fall. >> people are no longer going to the emergency room and now have good health care and getting preventive care. >> look at this. a new study shows obamacare and its expansion of medicaid might actually increase visits to expensive emergency rooms. dr. scott gottlieb, what's going on here? >> this is a new study based on results out of an experiment effectively that was run in the state of oregon, where in 2008 the state had the opportunity to scabbed its medicaid program but had 90 million applicantses for 10 million slots. so they put them 'in a lottery. and they conducted a series of studies to see what happened to people who got met cared verse people who didn't and there's been a number of studies that came out. that found the people who got medicaid, their health care costs went up but their health didn't improve, and the latest
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study showed a 40% increase in the use of emergency room among people who got medicaid versus those who didn't. >> is that counterintuitive? you have insurance, you can see a doctor, but now we're seeing that people actually got insurance using the emergency room as a 40% faster clip than those who didn't have insurance. is there something counterintuitive about that. >> what happened with medicaid is reimbursement rates -- medicaid is broad but reimbursement rates are so low that providers don't take medicaid. so patients on medicaid can't find primary care providers so they end up in the emergency room. so it's not surprising they're going to the emergency room for care. we're prompt missing people a benefit and then not delivering the access, and what this tells us is an insurance cashed does not equal access. >> when you say it's not surprising. this is in new mexico in 2009. the president said, quote, i
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think it's very important that we provide coverage for all people because if everybody got covered they're not going to the emergency room for treatment. but it's been the exact opposite, at least so far in these studies. >> it's a shame -- most of the obamacare expansion is an expansion of medicaid. most people will end up on medicaid. the -- we have done nothing to shore up the medicaid benefit so you're going to put more people into a system that already providing access. it's shameful we're obligating the poor to a hollow benefit. i don't think the administration should have been surprised by this. what is surprising they promised something different. >> i want to ask you about something else. people actually have children, and apparently on the obamacare web site if you have a new baby you can't get covered, at least not without jumping through a whole lot of hoops. >> the web site is -- it's very
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hard to enroll your family into a plan on the webs in certain plans. this just gets back to all the technical problems with how they rolled out that web site, and the inability to enroll in the health plan. >> just doesn't seem to stop. going to be an event. 2014. thank you. already teed off with the airlines? if fliers don't have to hang up you may have to actually pay even more. he story of the lile room over the pizza place at 315 cnut street. the modest first floor bedroom in talln, tonia and the dusty basement at 1406 35th street. it is the story of the old dining room table at 25th and hoffman avenue. the southbound bus barreling down i-95. ...and the second floor above the strip mall at roble and el camino.
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don't you think that airlines can make money off of this? a quiet section -- >> that's fine. the whole point here is it's not up to the federal government to make the determination that my seat mate's 'nap is more
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important than me doing business. >> neil called it and now -- 53% of travelers saying they'd shell out extra cash to sit in quiet phones if phone calls are okay in flights. get ready for a fee-for-all. i like that. this just makes me cringe. >> this is the era of the fee. they make a lot of money on these. >> i'll take the amtrak from new york to d.c. and they have a quiet car. it works with a quiet car. how can you have a quiet zone in an airplane. >> that's a big question. it's the faa getting rid of the ban -- might make senses it does that. >> why does it make sense to get rid of the man? we know it didn't enter fire enterinterfere with the airplane.
1:25 pm
>> the reason behind the ban was that it would interfere with communications on the ground. now that we know it's not the case it's up to the faa, department of transportation and individual airlines to say do we want to have the potential for . delta, jetblue, said we're not doing this. then united and american who are considering this idea of actually allowing passengers to use their cell phone while in flight. it can be a noisy experience up there. then that kicks interest the concept of potential quiet zone. >> let's face it. delta is a no for now, and some of the others. if they're a no for now but if american starts to make cash with these quiet poles, the majority of americans would say 'they would be okay with that. that poll will go to hundred% if they're next to a talkative new yorker. >> i think it all depends on what well see the airlines do,
1:26 pm
and if in fact consumers take the bait. the fact of the matter is, if you have an option of flying on a completely quiet cabin or having to pay extra to sit in a quiet zone, the market place will decide what is the effective model but the fee concept has worked well and this could be the next wave. >> 3 billion friday baggage, two .5 billion from cancellations. the airline stocks are through the roof. can we get some closure on this or some opening on this? can we find out this year, definitively if this is going to happen? >> the next step is for airlines to figure out how much it will cost. they have to put antennas onboard, miniature cell phone towers and then the cost to passengers. if the price is right, i can see and consumers, but i think there's going to be a big pushback from the business travel, the bread and butter, to
1:27 pm
avoid this. >> it's scared me. they say you can't stop progress, and let's hope they do in this case. >> nearly 7800 flights now either cancelled or delayed as a fierce winter storm hits the northeast. will carr is at lax in los angeles where the lines are growing and frustration is mourning. will? >> reporter: we don't have the snow and the bad weather that you're seeing in other parts of the country, but we have a huge backup here. this is a line of people waiting to go into terminal one at lax. it stretches outside -- actually almost guess all the way down to terminal 2. it's all part of this domino effect from the bad weather in the northeast, and it's really just stretched all across the country. take logan, international, for example, near boston. it shut town overnight. in new york, john f. kennedy shut down for several hours this morning. both stranding happy toes of passengers. it's really a combination of the
1:28 pm
snow, ice, poor visiblity in the northeast, and according to flight, just for today there's been 2500 cancellations and more than five thousand delays. so, as you can imagine, that is leaving passengers stranded and frustrated. >> we're all aggravated, but they said there have been people for three days trying to fly out, and all the planes are booked. >> they were able to rebook me but not for another, like, 48 hours. >> reporter: you can get on a plane but you have to wait for two days. the people in this line are waiting to get on a southwest flight that is actually -- the airline with the most delays throughout the country over the past couple of days. >> thank you very much. hey, if the weather isn't delaying your flight, maybe this will enough. rules for pilots that are
1:29 pm
kicking in tomorrow. here's all the details. >> if you think those flight cancellations and delays so far today are bad, just wait until tomorrow. that's when the new federal rules go into effect requiring airline pilots to rest more at home and. the airlines have hired pilots, between 60 and 100 a month at united. american will need 1500 new pilots in part because of these new rest rules, and california-based virgin america has formed a new east coast pilot crew to handle shift changes. now, under the faa rules, pilots can be on duty for a maximum of nine to 14 hours, down from 16 now. they can only fly the aircraft for eight or nine hours, and they must have 30 straight all-s offduty, including ten hours immediately before flying. the changes are meant to fight pilot fatigue, but may fatigue
1:30 pm
passengers who can get stuck waiting for crew changes. jetblue told it pilots everything we know about planning for and operating in winter storms will change on some level. the faa estimates compliance to cost the airlines 297 million the airline pilots association calls the rules a long-overdue overhaul of the regulations and the changes stem from the 2009 crash of a flight that killed 49 passengers and the pilots were found to be undertrained and tired. back to you. >> a tragic event. so many years to get ready for this. thanks a lot. the food police taking a major hit at schools nationwide today. but is the blow big enough to make these kids happy and not so hungry? ♪
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you know, kids, the deposit of agriculture is getting rid of the limits on meats and grains in schools. mom loves the idea of the nanny state being kicked out but nutritionallist is having a hard
1:35 pm
time swallowing this. debra, what's so tough about this one? >> well, the tough thing is, kids are going hungry at school, so we don't have enough lean meats and proteins, we don't have enough great whole grapes, and we all know what happens when kids get hungry, they get grumpy and hard to be around. so i actually think feeding kids better meals, letting the cafeteria have a little bit more flexibility in what they're cooking, is going to make a huge difference. >> yeah, we don't want them to go hungry but we want them to eat what is available to them. >> yes. >> i also think that's very important that children have a lot of different choices. however, i don't think it's obama's -- the right of passage for him to say what they should and shouldn't be eating. it should all stem within the home, good eating, teaching your children how to eat good fruits and vegetables from the beginning, and then as we know
1:36 pm
they'll find junk food so it should be up to the school, every succeed individually, not the government to say who -- what they should be eating. >> debra -- >> i'm a fan of small government, honestly. but if government is already involved in educating our children, why should that education stop at the cafeteria door? >> well, that's a good question for you. >> that is a good question. but i think that to be hospital, it's not the government's place to stay what children should and should not be eating. every school has different die -- dietary needs and it's not the government's place to sigh what children should and shouldn't be eating. >> debra, let's be honest. you can lay on broccoli and asparagus but kids will find junk food. what's the role of parents. >> it would be terrific to think
1:37 pm
that parents are going to really take on this role. i've been a new tryings -- nutritionist for 20 years. they don't take on this role. parents buy kid foods that taste good and broccoli doesn't taste the great from a school cav tier -- cafeteria. if you look at what the experts are saying, at least produce it. if kids see and it get to touch it, eventually they're going to be trying it. >> here's the thing. i know you must be a little offended when someone says the government knows how to feed your kids better than you do. >> yes. i think that, again, as a parent, it stems from the home and that we need to introduce the right foods to our children. i know that my boys love fruits and vegetables. why? i'm not saying i'm the best parent in the world and i give them everything that is healthy, but we introduced ited a an early age. >> what if a parent is -- shouldn't that still be their
1:38 pm
right? if they say, i want my kid to have the peanut butter and gelly sandwich and the snickers. >> there has to be diversity and also built of everything. has to be healthy food and nonhealthy food. we know kids will sneak it anyway. >> give them a bit of everything and then hopefully if we are doing our job as home as a good parent, our children will choose the better things to eat. >> a great way to leave it. >> the population of kids whose parents are not educating them, the school can be a good resource. and as long -- >> in this cake we do know that if you lay out a whole bunch of broccoli, kids will skip i. have a great weekend. will they face backlash from voters?
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after the glitches, the mid-term elections months away and obamacare critics are taking on vulnerable democrats in new ads but the question is are they effective? obamacare is not necessarily popular these days, it would seem that anyone who backed it is in trouble. >> particularly unpopular in states south of the mason dixon line who didn't vote for him in the first place and they're not happy with what they have. the key to the ads, are they realistic? do they paint an alternative picture to what we have right now? and are they credible. you need all three components to make it successful. >> let's look at one of them. this is a north carolina race. >> the private sector, businesses are built on accountability. but accountability it a foreign language in washington. obamacare is a disaster but the
1:43 pm
president won't admit it. debt is out of control and neither party stopped it. okay hagan enabled president obama's worst ideas and refuses to clean up his mess. so you and i have to clean up hers. i'm thom tillis, i approved this message. >> let me tell you what jumped out. he said neither party. so, seems like he is also not just antiobamacare but jumping on antipolitician. >> he had the most important attribute, accountability, the number one value that americans want in washington, and think it's missing in the white whitee and capitol. >> one of the big names in this whole thing is landrieu in louisiana. we have american for prosperity have an antilandrieu add.
1:44 pm
>> if you like your current insurance, you keep that insurance. period. end of story. >> those individual's like the coverage they already have will be able to keep their current plan. >> this is a very accurate description of this bill. >> but now, louisianans are finding out they lied. >> basically you said what the president said, that he regrets. >> no, whatsoever. >> tell mary landrieu it's about people, not politics. obamacare hurts louisiana families. >> that's effective to me. >> and barack obama is very up popular in louisiana. what she should do is acknowledge the plan has its problems and should not stand behind the president because you can't keep your healthcare necessarily. she made a big mistake there and she needs to walk it back, and for her campaign, her success depends on her walking it back now. in january, not in june. >> let's look at an ad she put out to see if she did effectively walk it back.
1:45 pm
>> i am mary landrieu and i approved this message. >> hundreds of thousands of people across the country losing their current coverage. >> the administration is measure pressure to act fast. >> i said to the president you told them they could keep it. >> landrieu has introduced the keeping the affordable care act promise. >> i'm fixing and it that's what my bill does and i've urge the president to six it. >> nor landrieu says president obama needs to stick to his word. >> this is a promise you made and a promise you should keep. >> ouch. to your point, she went after the villain in all of these, at least in louisiana, but did she distance herself? >> i'll be surprised if she was invited to the white house christmas party, and the second is you have to give details. 'll give you a key on advertising. have to have three pieces of evidence. she says she is fixing it. she didn't say, i'm doing, a., b., and c. and without that
1:46 pm
substance it's just politics. >> she is not fixing it. she maybe presented a bill and -- but what else could she too? maybe there aren't these three facts that she can call up. >> there are things she can change in the legislation and she has not supported them. she is trying to walk a fine line to keep democrats on her side and win over independents. if you walk the center of the road, it's like driving. you get run over. she has to be more definitive, more explicit, i'm going to change these three components. >> so deflecting from her to president obama is not enough. >> not enough. not in louisiana, not in 2014, not with his favability falling. she is a great campaigner and do not assume -- i think she has a fair shot at getting re-elected but not with an ad like that. >> i want to talk to you about ted cruz. i think he came out of 2013 with fair amount of momentum behind him. a lot of things he warned about came to fusion with obamacare.
1:47 pm
the government shutdown did not hurt the economy. i want to go to a piece you're working on. it's interesting. i want to share with the audience. >> there is a problem in washington, and the problem is bigger than a continuing resolution. it's bigger than obamacare. even bigger than the budget. the most fundamental problem, the frustration is, that the men and women in washington aren't listening. you talk to the man and woman on the street, that's the message you hear over and over again. why don't they listen to me? why don't they hear what we have to say? they aren't listening to the millions of people, democrats, republicans-independents, libertarians who say, our elected officials get to washington, and they stop listening to the people. >> this showed people agreeing with him or positively impacted by the message as the graph is
1:48 pm
moving. >> one distinction here. that was the best political sound bite of 2013. regardless whether you support or oppose his tactics and his teaks in, that language about washington not listening did better than anything we tested. that is the number one rhetoric, and congress and the white house need to pay attention to those words and listen. >> okay. the right-hand column is the g.o.p., 96 to me the dems hitting 76 might be scary. >> this is remarkable and that is what 2014 is going to be about of who is listening and learning, and 2016 may be part of that as well. ted cruz had the best sound bite of the year. >> break the law? become a lawyer. once they -- one state just made that possible. ♪ [ cellphone rings ] hello? [ male announcer ] over 12,000 financial advisors.
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forget running from the law. how about enforcing it. the california state supreme court granting illegal immigrant sergeia garcia a law license, saying his immigrant status should not bear on his ability to practice law. ken zimmerman doesn't think so but heather thinks it might be the right call. let's start with you, heather. >> the question is whether or not it is legal and not whether or not we like it. under a law in california a law was passed that said illegal immigrants can get their license to practice. under that law, the court made the right decision. >> ken, i don't like it and i hope it is not legal. >> oh, come on, the governor is out to luncheon this. my wife would say, they are out
1:53 pm
to breakfast, lunch and dinner. how can he uphold the laws of california and continues breaking them every day. he needs to become legal before he can be a lawyer. and the u.s. justice department not known with a bash of conservativeism has come out against having an illegal alien to be a lawyer. it is not okay to use someone like this here illegally get a license. but become legal, play by the rules and then become a lawyer. >> that is not fair. this child was 8-year-olds when he came to the united states and for 19 years his visa has been pending. he went to high school, he went to college, he went to law school, he volunteered, work the for an administrative judge and got the highest recommendations because of those people and
1:54 pm
because we need federal immigration reform his visa has been sitting for 19 years. what else would you have him do? >> ken, what would you have him do? >> there is a lot of ways that he can make a littling. i think it is admirable that he went to school. he should play by the rules and become legal. what is next? are they going to become border patrol agents? what do we want to -- the message to send, don't come here illeg illegally, but if you do you can become a lawyer and break the law. >> and heather, in this whole debate people come here illegally and they use their kids as an excuse never to leave and that somehow the average american owes their family something and i think it is weighing down on a lot of people. everyone gids -- gives his kid credit for what he's done but the idea he can be a lawyer and
1:55 pm
not have legal status just doesn't connect. >> i understand the discomfort with the idea. but the reality is more and more states are leaning towards this type of recognition of these illegal children. you have i think 15 states that allow them to have driver's license and around 15 states that allow them to get in-state tuition so we have to do something with these children who are brought in illegally who are now here and whether or not we want to have them working or want they have them out in the streets. >> working -- but not as a lawyer. >> spirited. we love it. gotta go. have a great weekend. >> thank you. now the snow -- first the snow and now the freeze as the death toll keeps mounting.
1:56 pm
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1:58 pm
the death toll is rising as the fierce winter storm strikes the northeast. 13 deaths now blamed on the wicked weather. and while the blizzard-like conditions are gone, the cold air is moving in. we're in rockville center where
1:59 pm
the temperature is expected to drop to 4 degrees tonight. >> reporter: charles, indeed, it is really cold right now. we have 15 degrees with a feels-like of minus one. and that's what we've been dealing with all day long. snow removal is the name of the game. we want to show you all of the hard work of the business owners here. it has been a cold, teeth-chattering chore for people to get the snow off the sidewalks and get open but they are doing it. it has been flat out miserable along long island and new york city where temperatures have dropped and the thermometer reading into single-digits and feels-like temperatures below zero. it will be worse. all public schools were closed, three major highways were shutdown overnight and into the early morning hours. snow removal will be happening all night long and the wind chill means that we have all of these snow-covered roads that
2:00 pm
are cleared are going to possibly freeze. >> there is no one else out there but you, so you get inside too. thanks. tonight we have word that the president of the united states just broke the law. that is at 8:00 p.m. on fox business. hello, i'm dana perino, with kimberly guilfoyle, greg gutfeld and eric bolling is reporting from the snowy, bitter cold streets in manhatten. it is 5:00 in new york city and this is the five. this is a fox news weather alert. this is a fox news weather alert. and now the first winter storm of 2014 caused 11 deaths. a state of emergency has been declared in new york and new jersey. and we'll get an update on the storm from the weather center in a minute and then talk with molly line in south boston. but first we're going to eric


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